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Our specialists have developed highly efficient and cost-effective products to protect against disease, weeds and crop pests.


Our production


Seeds produced by JSC "FMRus." Russian breeding.


Ctimulyatory immunogenesis substances of different origin and composition.


Desiccants (from the Latin desicco – dried), chemical drugs from the group of pesticides that cause dehydration plant tissues, which accelerates ripening and easier harvest.


JSC "FMRus" offers a number of highly effective insecticides to control a broad spectrum of pests.

At the FMRus

Plant FMRus

In 2003, JSC "FMRus" was purchased by industrial complex in Novomoskovsk, Tula region. Since 2005, our company is a member of the Union of manufacturers of plant protection products.

Today the production area is a separate area of 4 hectares. Production achieved its own boiler, a well with a 4-speed water purification, electrical substation and sewage treatment plants.

Every year we produce about 2000 tons of pesticides of different formulations, such as short-circuit, the COP, BP, ET. Work on commissioning the installation for the production of water-dispersible granules. Successfully running a workshop for the production of sugar-coated sugar beet seeds. The technology of pelleting of seeds of various crops.

The plant has a modern laboratory that conducts tests of all incoming raw materials and manufactured products at all stages of the production cycle.
The convenient geographical location of the plant makes it easily accessible for both customers and for companies-consumers tollingovyhuslug.

The priority of our company assigns control product quality and assessment of its performance in biological tests in the fields.